Volunteer Registration

KGLL is 100% volunteer driven. In accordance with Little League Rules, all KGLL Volunteers who have routine contact with the ball players must be screened and have a background check conducted every year. This includes managers, coaches, umpires, scorekeepers, concession stand volunteers and Team Moms and Dads. KGLL utilizes the Little League recommended agency, JDP Background Screening, to conduct the background checks. In order to best safeguard your personal information, applicants complete an online application through JDP via a link provided by our Volunteer Coordinator. Please contact our Volunteer Coordinator ([email protected]) if you are interested in being a volunteer. 

You will be notified via email when you have been approved as a volunteer and your name will be added to the Approved Volunteer List that is distributed to all managers and coaches. On rare occasions, a name may come up in a "Name Only" search and the individual will receive a letter from the agency stating that this information was provided to the requesting organization. Do not be alarmed; this sometimes happens to people with relatively common names.

Thank you in advance for volunteering to support our programs and our youth. If you have any questions or would like additional information, please contact the League President via email. 

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